About Paradise of Virginia

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Founded in 2005, Paradise of Virginia, Inc. is a family-owned residential care and assisted living provider. We operate two facilities in the southern Shenandoah Valley:

  • Magnolia Ridge in Roanoke, with licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services for 34 beds,
  • Cave Creek in Troutville (Botetourt County), licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services for 55 beds

We offer three levels of care: residential, assisted, and intensive assisted, so our residents can have as much personal care as needed or required. Because of this continuum of care, our residents seldom need to be transferred to other facilities.

Paradise provides the key components needed for its residents to have a happy, healthy and wholesome life, including:

  • Home cooked meals, accommodating special diets when necessary
  • Both private and semi-private rooms
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Personal laundry
  • Medication administration
  • Transportation
  • Planned recreation and outings
  • A canteen for residents

Paradise of Virginia facilities are staffed with caring professionals and are expertly run, professionally managed and methodically organized.

We are members of the Roanoke Valley Geriatric Association, the Veterans Administration Residential Care Program, and the Virginia Adult Home. We are also active with the Roanoke Valley Mental Health Association.

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Questions Frequently Asked by Families

"My mother is no longer able to live at home and I work and am unable to care for her. I need a home-like facility for her where she will not just be a number and get forgotten."

Do you have private rooms?

At Magnolia Ridge Assisted Living, we have only private rooms. The toilet is shared with one other person in the adjoining room. She may have her own TV and phone if she wishes. We provide all the furniture she will need or she can bring her own to make her feel more at home.

Where will she bathe? I'm scared she will fall trying to bathe alone.

She will not be expected to bathe alone. Our staff assists to the degree needed and we have regular, as well as, handicapped bathing areas. She has a sink in her room so she may brush her teeth and wash her hands prior to bedtime without going out of her private room.

She doesn't eat right. Will you just put food before her and expect her to eat? What if she needs a special diet?

Our staff will insure that she comes to the dining room for meals and is encouraged to eat. Special diets are no problem. We even feed anyone who can't feed herself.

How much staff do you have? How are they trained and supervised?

We have a a higher than average staff to patient ratio. A nurse to supervise care and train aides. Our direct care aides are state certified. In addition, we have cooks, an activity director, a housekeeper, a janitor, an administrator, and an assistant administrator.

Where do the residents of assisted living homes get their medication?

We keep up with and reorder medication as needed. All of our residents usually use one pharmacy. That insures that we can barter for a good price and insures continuity and simplicity in obtaining and administering medications. It is not mandatory, but it is recommended.

Then do you see that she takes her medication on time and as ordered?

Our staff administers medication. It is recorded and accounted for. No medication is missed without someone being notified as to why and steps are taken to get the resident to agree to comply with doctors' orders.